May: 10 things we’ve learnt

10 things we learnt while researching the May 2019 issue.

Taking multiple prescription drugs can increase the risk of changes to your sense of taste and smell. Healthy ageing.

Symptoms caused by high or low levels of the hormone oestrogen in women can be very similar. Are your hormones to blame?

Back pain is the leading cause of health loss for Kiwi women and the second-leading cause for men. Could you swap your medication for trainers?

Bad breath may be a sign of iron deficiency anaemia. How to help bad breath naturally.

Granny Smith apples were a chance mutation from seeds thrown in a creek outside Sydney in the late 1800s. In season.

A brisk walk is potentially as beneficial as a run, for heart health. Could you swap your medication for trainers?

The oral contraceptive pill may reduce your levels of vitamin B6. A guide to B-complex supplements.

Eating more than 30 diverse plants per week is associated with a reduction in antibioticresistant genes. How to be plant powered.

You can potentially reduce your risk of premature death by up to 18 per cent with as little as 10 minutes exercise a week, according to a study.

Trained dogs can sniff out cancer in humans with their powerful sense of smell. News bites.

First published: May 2019

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