June: 10 things we’ve learnt

10 things we learnt while researching the June 2019 issue.

Preschool children may eat more if they’re served more. Newsbites.

Forty-three per cent of New Zealand men and 34 per cent of women do not eat at least three vegetable serves on a daily basis (and three serves is a very low bar). How to man-tain your health.

At a hefty 29 kilojoules (7 calories) per gram, alcohol is runner-up only to fat in the ‘kilojoules per gram’ stakes. How to man-tain your health.

Internal use of multiple essential oils on a regular basis is not recommended by anyone. The essential facts about essential oils.

New Zealand Food Safety confirms at least five studies concluded that the sweetener aspartame does not have the potential to cause cancer. Ask Claire.

A UK study found men were 23 per cent less likely to meet physical activity guidelines around retirement. Empty nest? 5 weight traps.

Keeping your windows shut and the heaters on in winter may be making you sicker, rather than keeping you well. Don’t get sidetracked by coughs and sneezes.

Taking a vitamin C supplement when you’re already sick is likely to make no difference at all. Don’t get sidetracked by coughs and sneezes.

Zinc plays an important role in helping develop the senses of taste and smell. A guide to zinc.

It’s possible to appear slim while harbouring unhealthily high levels of body fat on the inside. Are you skinny fat?




First published: Jun 2019

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