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About The Healthy Food Guide TV Series

Claire Turnbull and Sam Campbell from The Healthy Food Guide TV Series

The new Healthy Food Guide TV Series gives you tools to make your life better, no matter what your health or family situation.

We’ve joined forces with Top Shelf, producers of the critically acclaimed hit television show ‘What’s Really in Our Food?’ to bring you Healthy Food Guide – the television series.

Over the next 10 weeks, each half hour show will bust myths, navigate jargon and break down the science to deliver you sound advice to improve your life and help you make informed choices.

Using the food we eat and how we eat it as the focus, the series takes an holistic approach to our overall health and well-being, also addressing topics related to stress, sleep, exercise and lifestyle, with ‘how to’ practical solutions, expert tips and advice.

Claire Turnbull, Healthy Food Guide nutritionist, works with the Parkinson family throughout the series to overhaul their eating and exercise habits. Unlike the usual weight or exercise-based reality show, there’s no dieting or scales or dramatic weight loss. This family has a range of health needs and goals, and we help them transform their lives for good. So the focus is on changing their habits, behaviours and eating patterns so they get and stay healthy for life, and to do this we monitor aspects of their health such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, alertness, stress levels and sleep, while giving them practical advice and tools to help them on their journey.

Each episode also covers a health topic such as: fatigue, fat, hormones, sugar, work-lif balance, fat, diabetes, gluten etc.

And of course there’s plenty of healthy recipes being whipped up by Sam Campbell, our talented chef and one of the Healthy Food Guide recipe writers – and you can get the recipes on this website and in your local Countdown.

The show screens on Choice TV at 8.30pm Thursdays, with repeat screenings on Friday at 9.30am and 2pm for those who missed it. It’s also available via Choice On Demand.

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Top Shelf Productions are a leading New Zealand production company specialising in factual programming for almost three decades.  Top Shelf take great pride in producing well crafted, quality programmes that inform, entertain, connect with audiences and rate! Our award-winning television, drama and feature films are distributed and enjoyed around the world.

First published: May 2017

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