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I like to move it, move it…

Increased movement is good for the body and the mind, so we ran a competition to encourage staff to move more.

All photos and videos sent in were entered in the draw to win – with bonus points for involving the whole team. It’s great to hear about the journey to better health being made by so many. Here we feature some of our favourite pictures and comments:

  • “We look for any reason to take our meetings outside, whether that’s a walking meeting or gathering away from the office amongst nature.”
  • “I started in September, doing personal training sessions five days a week, and am loving my active life style.  I proactively encourage others to move and challenge themselves.”
  • “[I’m] looking to do my first Round the Bays … and managed to twist a few of my friends’ arm to join me, so we decided to take the stairs over the elevator.”
  • “[We’re] getting the blood pumping by doing some star jumps after our weekly ‘all of organisation’ video conference call.”
  • “This past weekend, I competed in the Great Lake Relay with my work. I have never been a runner… Weirdly enough, as I was running, with my new work friends yelling words of encouragement, offering me water and cooling me off with a bit too, I was euphoric.”
  • “Our most recent adventure was going on a bike ride by the coast, we used a mixture of electric and normal bikes and biked for about 45 minutes from New Plymouth to Bell Block, ending with a nice coffee down by the beach. The team really enjoyed it and felt energised and ready to get into the day!”
  • “I am taking the stairs in and out of our office every day, rather than the elevator, in order to add a few more steps to my day and to keep myself active.”

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