10 of the best memory-boosting foods for exams

10 of the best memory-boosting foods for exams

Studying for end-of-year exams and need to fuel your brain? Power up your concentration and thinking power with these energy-rich foods.

  1. Stop your tummy rumbling in the middle of an exam by eating, pre-exam, a tub of protein-rich reduced-fat yoghurt.
  2. Nibble on trail mix – the nuts provide iron and zinc for sharper memory, while the dried fruit will help to satisfy sweet cravings.
  3. When sugar cravings strike, opt for a piece of fruit – chances are it will satisfy just as well as a kilojoule-laden chocolate bar.
  4. A small bowl of low-GI oats with trim milk provides long-lasting energy, staving off hunger and fatigue.
  5. Too anxious to handle solid food? Sip on a Sanitarium UP&GO Reduced Sugar, which provides hunger-busting protein and fibre.
  6. Wholegrain toast with peanut butter provides low-GI carbs and B vitamins for energy, and healthy fats to bolster brain function. It’s a winning pre- or post-study snack.
  7. The healthy omega-3 fats in a can of salmon are linked to better brain function, and it’s a substantial snack.
  8. A milky coffee provides a caffeine stimulant for alertness as well as protein for satiety. (Obviously, not one for the caffeine-sensitive.)
  9. Stay hydrated – a study found that students who sipped water during an exam performed five per cent better than those who didn’t.
  10. Hard-boiled eggs are filling and portable, and packed with choline, a nutrient that’s associated with memory and mental alertness.

Brain-boosting tactics

It’s not just what you eat but when you eat that’s important. Top up your energy supply by eating foods that provide long-lasting energy (not sugary snacks). If your exam is in the morning, make time to sit down for a proper breakfast. If you’re studying in the after­noon, have a light but satisfy­ing lunch. Anything too heavy could leave you feeling sleepy!

First published: Nov 2016

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