Baked lamb with chickpeas and spinach
Casseroles, stews

Baked lamb with chickpeas and spinach

Serves: 5
Time to make: 55 mins
( Hands-on time: 15 mins )
Total cost: $ 19.25 / $ 3.85 per serve

(at time of publication)


Make it gluten free: Use brown rice instead of couscous and check cumin is gluten free.

HFG tip

  • Use a slow-cooking cut of lamb. Remove any visible fat and cut in equal size cubes. Lamb leg or lamb shoulder is ideal. Ask the butcher for the specific cut you would like. Lamb shanks would also be good in this recipe — allow 1 per person.
  • Half a cup dried chickpeas (100g) is equivalent to a 400g can drained chickpeas (240g). To prepare chickpeas, place in a bowl and cover with plenty of water. Leave overnight to soak. Cook chickpeas in plenty of salted water for 40-60 minutes on a low simmer OR add to a casserole as above.

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Photographer: Carolyn Robertson

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