Help your school be healthier!

At Healthy Food Guide we understand the need for students to be exposed to evidence-based information.

For many years, Healthy Food Guide magazine has been a go-to resource for teachers and students alike when needing information for school projects or healthy cooking ideas.

Now, we have a specially curated section on our website that highlights some of the most commonly requested content from educators and students. This includes:

Teachers’ resource

  • How much do I need to eat – an individual’s needs (downloadable)
  • Preparing for disaster – how will you cope
  • What’s in season (downloadable)
  • Serving size guide (downloadable)
  • Label reading guide – packaging information (downloadable)
  • FAQs
  • Nutrition guidelines for healthy eating
  • Serving sizes
  • Relationship between food choices and health
  • Nutritional issues affecting New Zealand

 Students’ resource

  • Taste, smell and flavour – how it all works
  • Myth busting (ask the experts and ‘fact or fiction’ articles)
  • ‘How do they make’ articles (eg. soy, tofu, yoghurt)
  • ‘What is’ articles (eg. free range, fair trade)
  • ‘How much is in that’ articles (eg. sugar, salt, saturated fat)
  • What headlines tell us about healthy eating (and what they don’t)
  • Nutrition guidelines for healthy eating
  • How to cook the basics – a selection of useful articles and videos
  • Affordability – a selection of useful articles
  • Baking made healthier
  • Kids can cook – practical recipes for younger students.

In addition, students and teachers can search across the massive archive of articles, recipes, food types, and health and nutrition topics via our powerful search engine, making it quick and easy to get the information you need.

You’ll be amazed at how very affordable we’ve made it for schools to subscribe to this resource. Subscribing schools and libraries are given access automatically and silently by IP address, referring URL or EZProxy.  There are no passwords or logins to remember… it just works.

eNewsletter service

Subscribing schools and libraries can get our free email service that promotes learning and often focuses on current events in relation to food, nutrition and health. Administrators can forward or copy material from their inboxes and post across internal and social channels to reach their students.

If you would like more information on having online access to Healthy Food Guide at your school or library, please contact us or phone +64 9 484 1355.

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