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Fresh air and vitamin D competition

Do you get outside enough?
Did you know that exposing your eyes to daylight helps regulate hormones that affect your mood and how well you sleep? It is important to get outside every day and expose your eyes to the light, that is, without sunglasses on. Head out for an afternoon or evening walk when it’s not super-bright and allow your eyes to be exposed to the light. In my experience, the transformation in people’s energy levels when they do this is remarkable! Many of us spend far too much time inside — so this is yet another reason to go for a walk before or after work if you can and get outside at the weekend.

Competition photos
We ran a selfie competition in May 2018, to encourage staff to get outside during their lunch break and enjoy the daylight hours, and get a good dose of vitamin D and some fresh air. Here are some of the photos we were sent:

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