Enter the Healthy Food Guide Awards 2019

Entries for the HFG awards are closed.

These awards identify the best healthy food products in the supermarket to make it easy for Kiwi consumers to find and buy healthy food. They also acknowledge those who go the extra mile to create a healthier environment in the workplace and beyond.

There will be exposure to a vast, health-conscious audience via Healthy Food Guide magazine,, social media channels and enewsletters. The winners can promote their awards in marketing and on-shelf to household shoppers – so it’s well worth entering!

There is no cost to enter and you can enter as many products into as many categories as are appropriate, but all entries need to be submitted by 3.30pm 21 September.

The finalists and winners will be announced in the January 2019 issue of Healthy Food Guide magazine, on sale Monday 17 December.

N.B – maximum image file size is 8mb. If you’re having trouble uploading images, please ensure your files are below this limit. Alternatively, try filling out the form using Google Chrome.

If you are having any problems entering please contact us: [email protected]


Best new product

A product from any category which has been introduced to the market this year (from January – September 2018). It can include fresh, shelf-stable, chilled or frozen items.

Allergies and special dietary needs

Foods designed for people with allergies or special diets such as low-FODMAP. Excludes gluten free which is a category of its own.


All breads including buns, wraps, flatbreads, tortillas etc.


Hot or cold breakfast cereals.

Crackers & snacks

Savoury snacks and crackers.


Includes all dairy products including milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy. Does not include non-dairy milks.

Dessert/sweet treat

Includes any food considered an occasional sweet treat or dessert item. This can include fresh, shelf-stable, chilled or frozen items.


This category is for healthy drink options.


Any fermented, pickled or cultured product with live microbial content including kombucha, sauerkraut, yoghurt etc.


Any frozen food product.

Gluten free

Any food suitable for gluten-free diets. This can include fresh, shelf-stable, chilled or frozen items.

Healthiest workplace

Workplaces that have put in place systems or changes to enhance the health of staff. This may be through facilitating healthy food choices, fitness challenges, gym membership or other innovations that contribute to workplace wellbeing. Enter Healthiest workplace award here.

Kids’ lunchbox

Includes anything you might find in a lunchbox, for example fruit and vegetable snacks, crackers, snack bars, sandwich components, dairy snacks, drinks.

Low-sugar/no-sugar product

Foods in any category that are lower in sugar than might be expected in their category. This can include sweet or savoury items, but not foods which wouldn’t normally be expected to contain a sweetener.

Most improved

A re-formulated product (or a new version of an existing product) which has been made healthier. This may include: reduced salt; reduced sugar; reduced saturated fat; reduced kilojoules; more fibre; more calcium; more vegetables etc.


This category includes any canned product, dressings, condiments, rice, pasta and grains.

Produce innovation

Innovations that celebrate, reinvent, or promote interest in, fresh fruit or vegetable produce.

Ready meal

Ready-to-eat meals including fresh, shelf-stable, chilled or frozen items.


This category is for anything spreadable – including nut and seed butters, dips, dairy spreads, savoury spreads, jam and fruit spread, etc.


This category awards brands whose products are not only good for our health but for that of the planet too. We’re looking for innovations in packaging or production that are environmentally sustainable. Food products will have to meet our nutrition criteria too.


Any food suitable for vegetarian and/or vegan diets. Can include fresh, shelf-stable, chilled or frozen items.

All shortlisted products will be notified by Friday 28 September 2018.

We’re looking forward to receiving your entry – good luck!

First published: August 2018

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