Your week one meal plan

Your week one meal plan

Welcome to week one of the HFG 30-day Reset program

This delicious, dietitian-approved seven-day menu is filled with quick breakfasts, easy lunches and delicious dinners to excite your tastebuds. We’ve done the hard work … all you need to do is shop, eat and enjoy!

Each day has been nutritionally analysed and comes in between 6300kJ-6500kJ (about 1500cal-1600cal), which will help result in gradual weight loss, if that’s your goal, for an average 1.6m tall woman. You can adjust this by increasing portion sizes to meet your energy needs if you are very active, are male or are much taller. But, most importantly, the plan is packed with nutritious and satisfying foods to keep you feeling full and help you meet your nutrition targets, such as five serves of vegies and two serves of fruit.

While breakfast and lunch recipes are just for one, we know that many people like to enjoy dinner as a family so dinner recipes serve 4-6 people. You’ll also notice some dinner recipes repeat so you can spend less time in the kitchen the next day – just be sure to put some aside for your lunch before the family polish it all off!

How to use the meal plan

  1. Save and print off your menu and stick it to the fridge. Print off your weekly shopping list
  2. Choose 2-3 snacks from the Snack List and slot them into the day wherever suits you
  3. Take your weekly shopping list to the supermarket and fill your fridge and pantry, ready for the week ahead.

Don’t like a recipe? Swap it out for a recipe from another day. We’ve even included vegetarian options. Think of this as an opportunity to try new recipes and even some new foods that you wouldn’t usually eat.

Plus, we’ve included three easy and achievable nutrition-related goals each week to help you stay on track and stay motivated.

AND don’t miss out on our bonus recipe from Sprout Cooking School in the Facebook group on February 18 and flex those healthy home cooking skills.

Enjoy the week!

Don’t forget to check you have your kitchen essentials – click here to get the link.





First published: Feb 2021
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