Your week four meal plan

Your week four meal plan

It’s the home stretch! Welcome to week four of the 30-day Reset program. By now, you should be feeling energised, lighter and healthier. This week is the time to really think about how to make these healthy new habits stick. That means enjoying delicious homemade meals, nourishing snacks and regular exercise beyond the Reset program. Good health is a lifestyle, and hopefully you have picked up some great tips and inspiration to continue making healthy choices for many years to come.

Set aside some time this week to write down some goals for the next few months – or go back to previous weeks and choose some of the goals we set for you. Next, take note of your favourite recipes from the past four weeks, and save them to your ‘Favourites’ ord print them to add to your weekly repertoire. Do the same for snacks, so that you can easily plan out your meals each week. Finally, take a moment to reflect on the positive changes you have made in the last 30 days and write down how you feel – hopefully words like ‘proud’, ‘energised’, ‘strong’ and ‘happy’ come to mind. Capturing these feelings with help you stay motivated in the weeks and months to come when life gets busy and perhaps your healthy habits start to slip a little.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Enjoy the week!

Week four goals

  1. Mix up your toast toppings. Swap jam or Vegemite for nut butter, avocado or ricotta and sliced strawberries.
  2. Bake a batch of healthy muffins or biscuits instead of buying sweets from the café. There are plenty of yummy ideas at
  3. Prep your snacks in advance. Portion nuts, dried fruit, crackers or popcorn into reusable containers of zip-lock bags, ready to grab and go!

Click on the image below to open and download the week two meal plan:

We also have a delicious bonus Hoi sin lamb recipe for you from Changs – click on the image below to open and download it:


First published: Mar 2021
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