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Weight-loss tips for men: Putting it in perspective

Reviewed by our expert panel
Weight-loss tips for men: Putting it in perspective

Us blokes are not unlike our female counterparts. We, too, struggle to maintain permanent weight-loss.

And men’s biggest barrier to focusing on fitness rather than body size is the same barrier women have – our society’s preoccupation with body size.

One of the blokes I’ve worked with over the last couple of years has seen significant changes in his cardiovascular fitness and body shape, but he hasn’t lost very much weight. I’m totally happy with this because, as I keep telling him, by being permanently fit (which is an achievable target for us blokes), he is basically alleviating any potential risk associated with his body weight.

The important thing for me is that by staying fit, he is giving himself a better chance of living longer and with better health outcomes – certainly better than if his body weight constantly fluctuated.

So my recommendation for others who may be in the same situation as this bloke is to increase your cardiovascular fitness while maintaining your current body size.

Here are a few of my exercise favourites for us bigger blokes.

  • Swimming: This is a low impact, whole body cardiovascular exercise. Slip on those budgie smugglers, lads!
  • Running: There really is nothing better for improving overall cardiovascular fitness. Start off slow and mix in sections of walking. Challenge yourself by using a standard course and try to beat your own times every week.
  • Cycling: Another low impact cardio exercise. Lycra is calling!

And if you’re up for it, how about combining the above and working towards a triathlon event?

First published: Sep 2009


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