How to have a high-fibre day

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Most people eating a ‘Western’ diet don’t meet their daily fibre targets. But make our simple swaps and you’ll be on your way to getting enough fibre into your day.

Evidence that suggests that increasing dietary fibre intake to 50g per day is likely to ‘increase lifespan, improve the quality of life during the added years, and substantially reduce healthcare costs’.

Getting enough fibre can also help you have a diverse and healthy gut microbiome as well as avoid sluggish bowels, constipation or runny stools.

A day of high fibre swaps


If you usually have: 2 slices white toast with jam (2.6g fibre)

Swap for: 2 slices wholegrain toast and 2tsp low-fat spread, plus 1 banana (6.5g fibre)


If you usually have: White rice risotto with chicken (2.8g fibre)

Swap for: Warm beans and broccoli with pesto, served with 150g cooked wholegrain rice and topped with 1tsp grated parmesan (9g fibre)

If you usually have: 1/2 pot (300ml) fresh tomato soup (0.6g fibre)

Swap for: Roasted tomato and red lentil soup (13g fibre)


If you usually have: Tuna with white pasta, served with a green salad (3.5g fibre)

Swap for: Tuna Niçoise (10g fibre)

If you usually have: A serving of shepherd’s pie (4.2g fibre)

Swap for: Shepherd’s pie with swede and carrot mash. Add 5 brussels sprouts and 4 broccoli florets (14.3g fibre)

If you usually have: Beef burger in a white bun (3.8g fibre)

Swap for: Beef ‘n’ bean burger (10g fibre)

First published: Oct 2020

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