Get set to reset!

HFG 30-Day Reset

Congratulations on your commitment to living a healthier life!

Making the decision to prioritise your health is the first step on your journey towards better health, and the Healthy Food Guide 30-Day Reset is designed to help you on your way.

Created by our team of qualified, expert health professionals, the HFG 30-Day Reset will provide you with an achievable, easy-to-follow roadmap to establish healthy habits that last.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

New Year resolutions often fail when it comes to health – trying to change our habits overnight all at once is just not realistic for most of us. When it comes to crafting a balanced healthy lifestyle, many small steps over time makes good health more achievable. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Small, consistent steps built over time WILL get you there. So if you want that dollop of cream on your scone, have it! When you consistently eat nutritious foods, indulging yourself is part of having a healthy relationship with food – and having a healthy relationship with food is paramount to a long-term healthy outlook.

No fad diets, no hardcore training – HFG 30-Day Reset will provide you with sensible, sustainable ideas to help you create a healthier life for yourself.

Over 30 days you will learn from leading experts in nutrition and exercise how to make healthier choices. Feel inspired each week by delicious healthy recipes – all approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian; be informed with educational articles on food and nutrition from our team of experts; get motivated with mini-challenges and fun ways to get moving; and feel supported with a social network of others on the same path.

We’re excited you have chosen to take your first steps with us, whatever your health goals may be, this is a great place to continue your health journey.

– The Healthy Food Guide team


5 ways to get yourself ready to reset

  1. Keep a journal

Throughout the 30 days, you might like to keep a diary or journal to document your experience. You can use it to keep track of recipes you loved, workouts you’ve done or even changes you’re noticing.

  1. Practise positive self talk

The biggest determining factor to weight-loss and health success is a positive attitude. Start by listening to your internal monologue and stopping yourself whenever you hear a negative voice in your head. Tell it “thanks, but I’m choosing not to listen to you”, and pick a new positive thought. An example might be, “ugh, I’m so overweight”, and a replacement thought might be “I’m so grateful for my body, and I can’t wait to nourish it with healthy food”.

  1. Get a reset buddy

Studies from Brown Medical School and Dartmouth University show partnering with someone who is serious about slimming down or getting healthy increases your chances significantly. Why not recruit a friend or family member to join you on the reset, and make lasting changes to yours and their health?

  1. Start hydrating

Your body is made up of 80% water, yet here’s the catch, it can’t store it for later. This is why daily hydration is essential for detoxification, digestion, waste removal, clear skin and healthy organs. The recommended amount of water is between 2-3L daily. If you’re currently not reaching this target, start setting a time on your phone to sip on a glass of water every hour, or have a large jar by your desk to remind you to get your fill.

  1. Set yourself goals

Studies have found that people who set goals 14% are 10 times more successful than those without goals.




First published: Jan 2021
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