Extreme makeover: Scalloped potato

Extreme makeover: Scalloped potato

Everyone’s favourite potato dish is a creamy, delicious, cheesy treat. Here’s how to make a healthy version that tastes great.

  • Leave skin on potatoes.  The skin contains fibre and other nutrients; leaving it on boosts the nutritional value of the dish.  A good scrub is all you need to remove dirt.
  • Use milk or evaporated milk instead of cream.  Evaporated milk gives a richer flavour, but milk works just as well.  Because milk is more likely to curdle, mixing in a little flour before cooking will help prevent this.
  • Boost flavour with ingredients such as garlic, mustard and herbs.
  • Use lower fat cheeses such as edam or reduced fat cheddar. A little grated parmesan added to this will boost flavour.
  • For variety, replace some of the potato with kumara (orange kumara looks nice) or pumpkin. Slice as for the potato and layer alternately with the potato.  This looks inviting and tastes great!

Try our HFG scalloped potato recipe.

First published: Jun 2007

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