Extreme makeover: Meat pies

Extreme makeover: Meat pies

A traditional meat pie can harbour a golf ball-sized portion of fat.

So although we Kiwis love pies, they're not a good food to eat every day. If you feel like a pie as a treat:

  • Choose potato-top varieties over pastry topped.
  • Look out for the lighter options. Jester's and Goodtime pies (available in schools) carry the Heart Foundation Tick, meaning they have less fat and kilojoules than other pies.
  • If you're cooking a meat pie, try using layers of filo pastry instead of flaky pastry. Use lean meat and leave the top of your pie pastry-free or use mashed potato.

Try one of these healthy pie recipes:

HFG shepherd's pie
Bacon and egg pie
HFG fish pie
Humble pie
Little cottage pies

First published: Jun 2007

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