Extreme makeover: Lasagne and macaroni cheese

Extreme makeover: Lasagne and macaroni cheese

Favourites on everyone's list of comfort foods, they can be extremely high in kilojoules and fat. These ones are healthy and absolutely delicious.

Our makeover version – one of the most popular recipes we've ever published – is healthy and absolutely delicious.

How they compare

Traditional lasagneTotal energy per serve = 2500kJTotal fat per serve = 33g (15.3g saturated fat)

HFG lasagneTotal energy per serve = 1890kJTotal fat per serve = 12g (5.8g saturated fat)

Try it! HFG lasagne

Another favourite comfort food and kid favourite. All that cheese and not much in the way of veges in the traditional version means it leaves a bit to be desired healthwise.

So try making it using a no-cook cheese sauce (combine 250g low-fat cottage cheese, 1/4 cup parmesan and 1/4 cup low-fat milk and whiz in a blender).

How they compare

Traditional macaroni cheeseTotal kJ per serve = 3000kJTotal fat per serve = 38.3g (23.4g saturated fat)

HFG macaroni cheeseTotal kJ per serve = 780kJTotal fat per serve = 3.5g (1.0g saturated fat)

Try our Ham, courgette and macaroni bake recipe for a low-fat, low-kJ alternative.

First published: Jun 2007

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