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Calcium and exercise

Calcium and exercise

If you exercise most days, a diet with adequate calcium is very important for your overall health.

Calcium is vital to keep bones and teeth healthy. A diet with adequate calcium intake includes milk, low-fat yoghurt, small amounts of cheese, tinned bony fish such as salmon and sardines, pulses, almonds and green leafy vegetables.

  • 14–18 years: 1300mg

  • 19–50 years: 1000mg

  • 51 years and over: 1300mg

  • 14–18 years: 1300mg

  • 19–70 years: 1000mg

  • 71 years and over: 1300mg

  • 1 cup Trim milk = 375mg

  • 1 cup Calci Trim or Xtra milk = 500mg

  • 150g pottle unsweetened yoghurt = 180mg

  • 40g Edam cheese = 308mg

  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese = 37mg

  • 1 can sardines (100g) = 550mg

  • 1 can baked beans (425g) = 51mg

  • 10 almonds = 30mg

  • 1 cup cooked broccoli = 59mg

First published: Oct 2007

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